Wait, Vampires? – Session 35

Welcome to the thirty-fifth session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where you, “Tell Faena you’ve infiltrated a cult-like organization and suspect they’re behind this evil presence. Mention the well and their utterred phrase, “Mathuul guide you””

Wait, Vampires?

“We have begun to infiltrate a cult-like organization here in Esterupus” you tell Faena. You continue, “We believe that this organization has something to do with this evil presence that  you’re sensing.” Faena looks at you a bit confused and asks, “What would lead you to believe this?” You look to Nel and nod. Nel looks to Faena and says, “When we were leaving their creepy underground meeting place, one of them said something to us that we were not familiar with nor could we find anything in our brief time looking for it within the library here in Esterpus.” Nel’s face grows a bit disgusted before she continues, “Plus, there’s a really creepy well that they place at the center of their underground lair which seems almost like they worship it or…I don’t know, it’s just really weird!” Faena looks concerned and asks, “What was it they said to you?” Nel shook her head once as if to shake off the disgusting look and respond, “Oh, right. “Mathuul guide you”, I believe it was and they had some kind of gesture that went with…” Faena’s face grew noticeably pale once Nel had said that.


You notice that Nel was distracted with recalling and performing the gesture that Helaptus had done, touching the side of her neck followed by extending the same hand forward, palm up, as if offering something. You try to get Faena’s attention, “Faena? What’s the matter?” Faena looks back towards you and looks quite concerned. “Mathuul is an ancient name, one associated with a terrible curse, one that Mathuul is responsible for giving.” Faena pauses for a moment before continuing, “If my memory serves me correctly, this evil being, Mathuul, is something that you humans call a vampire. The curse given is one of eternal life as long as the affected victim partakes in the blood of most humanoid races, like us… Are you sure is was Mathuul that was mentioned?” You look at Nel, whom is rather terrified looking at the moment, and back to Faena, “We’re certain.” You’ve heard of these vampires, but never though they were real and there has been nothing in the past to your knowledge that has ever involved vampires – you thought they were just a bunch of stories, but perhaps that’s all this is, as well.


Faena quickly responds as she begins to stand up and look towards the door, “This needs to be taken care of at once, we need to inform someone…” You jump out of your seat and urgently reply, “Wait… we’re not entirely certain that this organization doesn’t have a presence within this city’s officials. They may know that someone is going after them if we choose to inform the wrong people.” Faena pauses and looks to you. You reply…

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