The Phoradin – Session 33

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Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where the voted action was, “Curious of her and her people, ask her about the phoradin and why she’s here as an ambassador.”

The Phoradin

As Faena smiles at you warmly, you curiously ask of her people and why she has come to Esterpus as an ambassador. Faena gestures to nearby chairs as she takes a seat herself. “We Phoradin are a gentle people who live in harmony with nature. Our kind are adaptable and robust. We prefer the solitude that comes with living in the harshest environments.” Faena looks out from the balcony and beyond Esterpus towards the vast dune of the ever-stretching deserts before continuing. “Phoradin live atop the tallest of mountains, within the deepest of caves, and across the most arid of deserts.” She looks back to you and Nel, “There’s beauty in every corner of this world, even in the dangerous places that seem unforgiving.”


“My clan in particular live deep within the dense woods of Fal’neri Forest to the northwest of here. We are the guardians and caretakers of those woods, watching over the life within them, ensuring the balance of all things remain equal so that it may thrive. The forestlands are sacred to us and symbolize the heart of this world.”


Faena continues, “As for why I am here as an ambassador, my people wish to reach out to others in the world. In a time of dire threat to our forest, I left my clan to seek assistance from the outside world. I returned not only with the means to stop the malaise, a terrible disease that threatened our woods, but I also returned with many new acquaintances. Conceding that kinship with others may be advantageous, my people sent me forth to be an ambassador for our kind—to teach others about our ways and seek out new connections for both prosperity and for the day when threats may arise.” Faena pauses for a moment before softly touching her chest and saying, “So I am here! This city has been welcoming of me thus far. Though they seem resistant to a mutual relationship between my people and the city. I fear they see my people as primitive woodland dwellers.”


“I am here to prove that we have much to offer! Which brings us here. How may I assist you, young travelers? Or were you merely curious of my people and I?”

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