The Ambassador - Session 31

The Ambassador – Session 31

Welcome to the thirty-first session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

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The Ambassador

It seems that you have possibly convinced this secret society into letting you and Nel determine your own method for proving your loyalty to them instead of either losing all your possessions or having to murder two beggars. You look to Helaptus whom is patiently awaiting your response and say, “What if we were to remove and unwanted individual within the city for this organization?” You smile confidently as you look around into the scatteredly occupied seats around this small stadium like arena before continuing. “Would this not prove our loyalty to the benefit of us all?” The thin lady thinks on the matter briefly before replying, “The ambassador.” She smiles in confirmation of the target.


“Esterpus has thrived on the edge of the Restless Dunes for millenia, without the help of any outsiders. This is about to change with the…” she pauses with a look of disgust before continuing with a voice to match, “Phoradin.” Unsure of this term or name, you inquire on it. The tall and thin lady tells you and Nel of the phoradin, larger humanoid creatures that live in the harshest of environments, secluded from the world. “They have recently become interested in the rest of the world, I suppose. The idiots of Esterpus foolishly invite them in and accepted an ambassador of theirs to mediate our city with their savage tribes in the distance places of the desert.” The surrounding people in the stadium-like seating softly mumble in disgust amongst themselves before quickly ceasing.


“Kill this ambassador.” Helaptus demands. “This one can sense our source of power here and threatens us and all of Esterpus by proxy. If they send another, we’ll just have to frame the city so they lose interest in seeking friendship here, where they are not wanted, the primitive blights.” A short-lived echo of a resounding confirmation of this could be heard from every member in this society that was present with various phrases and sounds of agreement. Helaptus waits for the members to quiet down before asking, “Would you two brave young souls be up for that?”

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