Forest Guardian Male Barbarian


One male Forest Guardian Barbarian included, unpainted.

Though they are often mistaken for small giants or over-sized elves, these phoradin are not giant-kin. These creatures have more in common with elves than any other race, though they may not seem it due to their size. These phoradin have lived in harsh environments for millennia. Most commonly spotted deep within the largest forests, other races have dubbed them the Forest Guardians.

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Note: This miniature figure does NOT include any dice and is NOT painted. Painted miniature by Thom at Crafters Forge ([email protected] for commissions). The D20 is for size reference. See image below for size. Scale and size explained in the FAQ.

This Male Barbarian Forest Guardian is a 28mm miniature figure. This miniature figure is at a 1:58 scale to represent a 7’7″ tall creature to help with accurate sizing compared to other miniature creatures of the same scale. The miniature itself measures, from the bottom of their feet to their eyeline at around 37mm accounting for their pose. (there’s an additional 3mm for the thickness of the standing base)

This miniature comes pre-based with a 1 inch circular diameter standing base, perfect for the standard 1×1 inch grid for most tabletop RPGs. These miniatures are solid white and made from PVC.

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Weight.25 oz
Dimensions2 × 2.15 × .65 in
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