Bandit Gang – 25mm

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All four bandits are included. These are smaller than the rest of our 28mm scale minis.

Bandits and highwaymen plague the roads and thoroughfares of most lawless fantasy lands. These four treacherous thugs will gladly attempt to rob travelers, by-passers, and even your heroes – or perhaps join them in their villainy, if that’s the sort of campaign you’re running!

Note: This collection does NOT include any dice. The D20’s are for size reference. For actual size, see image in the description below.

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Note: This collection of miniature figures does NOT include any dice. The D20’s are for size reference. See image below for size. Scale size explained in the FAQ.

This collection contains four unpainted true 25mm miniature figures, each on a 1 inch diameter circular standing base. These miniatures are solid white, made from environmental PVC.

The following four miniature figures are included:

  1. Standing at 6′ tall, this male fighter wields a wooden club, shield, and some fashionably tight clothes.
  2. The quick and nimble female archer standing at 5’1″ wields a short bow and sports a convenient hip quiver.
  3. At 5’9″, this ferocious female barbarian wields both a large deadly greataxe and a temper to match.
  4. Unusually large for the sneaking profession, at 6′ this male thief wields a dagger and a free hand for quick mugging-action.
krakenships true 25MM miniatures with ruler for scale
krakenships true 25MM miniatures with ruler for scale
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