In the Making

Future Miniatures:
  • Elephas (Elephant-folk) Bard, Cleric, Druid, and Ranger
  • Birdfolk Knight, Rogue, Spellcaster, and Warrior
  • Centaur female/male Bards and Druids
  • Tessera (Elemental Humanoids – air, earth, fire, and water)
  • Minotaur


  • Phoradin (Forest Guardians)
  • Chellon (Shellfolk)
    • Cleric, Monk, Warrior, and Wizard.
  • Grimalkin (Catkin)
    • Bard, Fighter, Monk, Sorcerer.

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Future Works

Player Character Race Miniatures:
  • Modular Miniatures
Creature & Monster Miniatures:
  • Fey Creatures – NOT of the large breasted faerie or pixie variety
  • Goblins and Orcs – collection
  • Skeletons – collection of the classic fantasy undead
  • Snakefolk – model variations
  • Lizardfolk – model variety
Other Miniatures:
  • Bits Packs
  • Mountable models
  • Noncombatants – villagers, bystanders, city-folk, etc
  • Oddball Models – unusual race and class combinations
  • Dungeon accessories – TBD


NOTE: We have changed our polling/suggesting plugin to something more stable and accurate – Everything have been sorted and added from the previous polls/suggestions.

All above “In the Making” miniatures are actively being designed and modeled.


All above “Future Works” have yet to be started and are subject to change. There is no specific order for listed future works. Recommendations and suggestions for prioritizing any of the future works listed may be requested via the forms below. Feel free to select one already listed, add more suggestions about it, or just type up an entirely different suggestion that is not already listed. Suggestions limited to 5 per person, per poll. You can also send us your thoughts and/or suggestions via our Contact page!


You can select to see the results before suggesting to see what others are also suggesting! While viewing the results, you can go back to suggesting at the bottom of each poll.

General Player Character Miniature Suggestions
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Specific Player Character Miniature Suggestions
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Creatures & Monsters
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Other Miniature Suggestions
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NOTE: This poll is for what Tabletop RPG characters you play! Please check to see if yours has already been added to keep the list from getting to massive! You may choose up to three!

What Tabletop RPG Characters Do You Play?
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Character's Preferred Weapon/s or Spell?
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Should miniatures come pre-primed or should they not? Do you prefer to prime your own miniatures? Or do you not care either way?

Should Minis Be Pre-primed Or Not
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Should the spell effects for miniatures come as transparent plastic or regular? Should the spell effects be assembled or separate?

Spell Effects - Transparent or regular plastic? Assembled or separate?
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Below is to gauge from the community the kind of reward types for our next crowdfunding campaign to add more miniatures!

More costly would be due to fulfillment costs and pledge manager costs.

Less costly would be capable as there’s less logistics and pick/pack costs on fulfillment side. Packaging can be done at manufacturer level instead of fulfillment level.

Next Crowdfunding Reward Types
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Should transparent or clear parts for miniatures, like spells or effects, be separated from the miniature for assembly by you or should they be separate from the main miniature for other reasons?

Should transparent/clear pieces be assembled or separate?
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NOTE: This poll is for determining the size of our player character centaur miniatures in the future! Standard player characters are generally sized to fit within the 1×1 inch grid. Also, keep in mind, depending on their size, we will create our centaurs to be sized appropriately, as we do with all our miniatures when it comes to their height and size. We may also create multiple sizes for centaurs, but that’s a ways off since we’re still growing and don’t have enough resources to do both!

How large should our Player Character Centaurs be?

Tessera (Elemental Humanoids) Suggestions

Below are four polls for each base element of our future Tessera (elemental humanoids) race of miniatures. We’d like to get an idea of which elements and classes or archetypes are most wanted that the community thinks is lacking out there. Check out our Tessera concept art for the four base elements. We’ll be adding more elements in the future if there’s a request.

AIR Tessera Archetypes
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EARTH Tessera Archetypes
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FIRE Tessera Archetypes
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WATER Tessera Archetypes
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