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In the Making

Upcoming miniatures in the works:

  • Kickstarter Miniatures (Funded!)
    • Chellon (Shellfolk) Cleric, Monk, Warrior, and Wizard.
    • Grimalkin (Catkin) Bard, Fighter, Monk, Sorcerer.
    • Phoradin (Forest Guardians) Bard, female and male / Monk, female and male.
  • Future Miniatures
    • Elephas (Elephant-folk) Bard, Cleric, Druid, and Ranger
    • Birdfolk
    • Centaur
    • Minotaur
    • Elemental Humanoids (air, earth, fire, and water)


Upcoming miniatures in the works:

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Future Works

Player Character Race Miniatures:

As per requests (specifics TBD)

  • Forest Guardians – female and male models of various classes
  • Catkin – race variations and models
  • Birdfolk – race model variations, non-eagle
  • Elephantfolk
  • Shellfolk
  • Elemental Humanoids
  • Centaur
  • Minotaur
  • Half-orc – non-fighter/barbarian models
  • Dragonfolk – non-fighter/armored models
  • Ravenfolk – multiple models of various classes

Creature & Monster Miniatures:

  • Fey Creatures – NOT of the large breasted faerie or pixie variety
  • Goblins and Orcs – collection
  • Skeletons – collection of the classic fantasy undead
  • Snakefolk – model variations
  • Lizardfolk – model variety

Other Miniatures:

  • Dungeon accessories – TBD
  • Mountable models
  • Noncombatants – villagers, bystanders, city-folk, etc
  • Oddball Models – unusual race and class combinations


All “In the Making” miniatures are actively being designed and modeled.

All “Future Works” have yet to be started and are subject to change. There is no specific order for listed future works. Recommendations and suggestions for prioritizing any of the future works listed may be requested via the forms below. Feel free to select one already listed, add more suggestions about it, or just type up an entirely different suggestion that is not already listed in the future works section. Votes limited to 3 per person, per poll. You can also send us your thoughts and/or suggestions via our Contact page!

Player Character Requests
358 votes · 875 answers

Creatures & Monster Requests
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Other Miniature Requests
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