Plan Of Attack – Session 40

Welcome to the fortieth session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where you choose to “Find a means of utilizing the phoradin’s magical powers to your advantage. Perhaps in combination with them and Nel’s magical abilities, these creatures may be defeated.”

Plan Of Attack

You inform Faena that you think the help of phoradin magic would be beneficial for dealing with these creatures. Nel agrees. Before your next move, you and Nel discuss with Faena the best means of dealing with these creatures. To your knowledge, the creatures are held somewhere underground, most likely nearby or connected to the underground  stadium-like area where this organization holds its secret meetings. You’re unknown of the number of these creatures or how well they are guarded or locked up. With little more than a week and a half, action need to be taken before the creatures are released upon the unsuspecting city of Esterpus.


You suspect a full out assault would be quickly met and defeated by the organizations guards and members, but it’s always an option. Sneaking or talking  your way in and gathering more information would prove useful, but that is very time consuming and may quickly impede on the already shrinking window that is available. You could have Nel and some phoradins help create a magical means to force an evacuation of the underground meeting area using smoke, fire, earthquake, or something that would seem a natural cause and not raise too much suspicion. This would then allow for entry to potentially deal with the creatures with no opposition.

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