Phoradin Wisdom – Session 39

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Phoradin Wisdom

After witnessing the terrifying creature that this organization plans to release on the unsuspecting city of Esterpus, you and Nel decide to seek out the wisdom of the Phoradin. Perhaps Faena and her people will have some idea of what to do against such creatures.


Having been told of the location of Faena’s people, deep within the Fal’neri Forest, you and Nel make your way there over the next couple of days. Upon arriving, Faena and several other large phoradin greet you and Nel very warmly and Faena asks if everything has been resolved, saying that she expected it to take a bit longer. “There’s sort of a big problem…” you inform Faena. You and Nel explain what you saw to Faena as well as the plan the organization wishes to enact within less than two weeks. Faena becomes deeply troubled by this news and warns of these creatures, vampires, and their terrible traits. Faena asks that you and Nel give her some time, a few hours, to discuss this with her clan to see if they can devise some means of stemming this potentially catastrophic course of events in the coming weeks.


Several hours pass as you and Nel are happily received within the phoradin village, getting a glimpse into their perfect little utopia, their closely knitted community, and gentle means of interacting with the animals and nature around them. Almost forgetting about the horrifying creature you witnessed back in Esterupus in that underground meeting area, Faena approaches with a disturbed looked on her face, accompanied by other phoradin whom she was meeting with. “We believed that these creatures, these vampires, were no longer in existence.” Faena says with a troubled expression. “This is a grievous situation that must be dealt with carefully. If even one of these creatures were to spread the curse they posses through their bite, the chances of their number will grow rapidly will surely increase. These creatures are a blight!” You have yet to see Faena this angry. Nel chimes in, “So, how can we stop them?” One of the other phoradin replies with a lesser grasp on the common tongue that you and Nel speak, “Strike from where it does not see.” Faena adds, “Yes. Your best bet is to hide yourselves from their senses and dispose of them.”


Faena pauses for a moment before continuing, “We do not suggest this lightly as our ways are not that of death and killing unless absolutely necessary.” Several of the other phoradin nod their heads in agreement. Faena continues, “These creatures are unnatural and cause great suffering and destruction wherever they choose to nest. This is not the balance of nature and they must not be allowed to defile these lands.” Nel chimes in again, very intrigued with all this, “How are they unnatural, exactly?” Faena grimaces as she responds, “An even greater creature, one cursed by Mathuul, a chaotic and evil deity, is capable of converting most any living being, with a single bite, into such slaves of this terrible curse. The creatures you and Nel described sound like the lesser of these cursed beings. There are even worse versions, intelligent and extremely dangerous vampires that are not feral or mindless beasts, but rather undying sentient beings that crave only power. All vampires sustain themselves on the blood of the living, they can sense it like a wolf smells its prey.


You ask, “How are we to strike from where they do not see?” Faena replies, “There are a few materials that greatly offend the senses of these lesser feral vampires such as, garlic, sunlight, and fire. Killing one is even more difficult, however. I suggest we look for a means of stopping them before they are released upon the city, most likely in the night, or find some way to deal with them once they’ve been released. When they are loose, they are extremely dangerous as they are fast and possess great strength.” “Garlic?!” Nel asks unconvinced. “Yes” Faena replies. ” The smell greatly offends their sense and they tend to avoid areas with the smell of garlic.” Nel laughs and comments to herself out loud, “Huh! No kiddin’.” Faena faintly smiles before saying, “My people have some magical powers, if you would like our help in all of this.”

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