Mathuul’s Children – Session 38

Welcome to the thirty-eighth session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where you chose to respond to Helaptus after she allowed you and Nel to join their organization under you false family name, Millham, “Tell her you are happy to restore the families standing and look forward to “joining” in on the groups affairs.”

Mathuul’s Children

After having joined this organization, you and Nel go another couple of weeks with little interaction from them. Eventually, you and Nel receive and message at your new home in Esterpus. The note informs them of another meeting in the great underground stadium-like room where they were first introduced to this organization. You and Nel agree to head there – it’d be odd if you didn’t, having just joined their ranks. The days leading up to the meeting, you and Nel were unable to find any further references or information on this “Mathuul”. Perhaps the libraries and all mention were removed to keep them guarded from outsiders or meddlers.


You and Nel arrive at the underground meeting area and head to your false family’s seats  labeled “Millham”. After taking your seats, several other organization members periodically stopped by to welcome you and headed to take their own seats. After several minutes, everyone quieted down as the speaker walks out in ceremonious robes, similar to those that he wore last time. “The time approaches. The cleansing and rebirth of this plagued city is the only way forward, one that we have been working towards for years.” Once the speaker finishes, he nods off to the side and several armed guards escort in a covered cart of some sort. “We have sought the means to properly cleanse this city, a means that Mathuul herself would be proud of!” The speaker once again nods towards the head guard surrounding the covered cart. The head guard barks some commands and the armed figures took a very secure defensive position around the covered cart, but they were facing it as if to stop something from coming out.


The head guard nods at one of the soldiers who quickly yanks the large cloth, draped over the tall covered cart, and jumps back to join the inward facing defensive circle. As the draped cloth is rapidly removed, a man-sized cage made of thick metal bars sat atop and inside was a single figure who was crouched down and hunched over in a ball-like shape. “BEHOLD!” the speaker yells as he gestures to the caged figure and looks around the stadium at everyone present. “THIS is our means of cleansing Esterpus – one of Mathuul’s cursed children!” The hunched over figure’s head quickly pops up and looks around. The encircling guards become even more alert and defensive, hiding behind their shields, spears pointed straight towards the cage. The caged figure stands up and seemingly sniffs the air and it spins. This figure is a gray-skinned figure with an eerie mannerism and gives you a disturbing feeling while watching it.


Suddenly, the figure goes crazy and begins to slam itself around inside the cage, swinging  towards the surrounding guards, shrieking a terrible sound. You notice its mouth opening far wider than any human ever could, its teeth like massive needles, the incisors being the most noticeably largest. Its ears are like that of elves, long and coming to a point, though not as long. The frenzied swings of its lengthy and wiry arms give extra reach for its slender hands, host to long fingers, each coming to a sharp, spiked-like, end like some wild animal with massive claws. The eye of this creature cause you the most discomfort, blood red in color with tiny white pupils that occasionally catch the light and reflect like that of a cat. You can hear gasps from around the stadium and the occasional scream of terror as the creature lashes about. “Fear not, everyone!”


The speaker says in an attempt to calm everyone, “This creature is our tool and the instrument of Mathuul’s will. The end of Esterpus… the end of everything! With Mathuul’s guidance, we will cleanse the world of the unworthy!” The speaker paces, letting everyone witness this terrible creature before informing everyone, “In a fortnight, we will enact the cleansing of Esterpus and release several of these cursed children of Mathuul. You will all be told of safe locations throughout the city to wait out this cleansing over the coming days” The speaker smiles. “Mathuul guide you all.”

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