Grimalkin – Catkin

Grimalkin (gre-mal-ken)

Grimalkin are among the most curious of races. They are extremely inquisitive and those tendencies generally guide their actions. Not really interested in the typical symbols and means of wealth, Grimalkin tend to gravitate towards adventuring and are always looking for new experiences rather than valuables such as coin or treasures. The best reward to bestow on a Grimalkin is that of another quest,  adventure, or telling of an exciting story. These furry creatures will jump at any occasion to set off in search for something new. Grimalkin can also be perceived as very lazy as when they have nothing to guide them by means of adventure or excitement, they tend to take leazurly naps in the same place for hours, even days sometimes.

Most races know the Grimalkin well as they are a part of every major society and in just about every city due to their explorative and adventurous natures. They can be seen as dismissive to some when they have their sites fixated on their next exploits, but for those who aren’t actively pursuing adventure, they are quite nice and love socializing – except for when they don’t wish to socialize. No one has really been able to figure out what affects the moods of Grimalkin as this perplexes even the most knowledgeable and renowned wizards and druids!

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