Phoradin – Forest Guardians

Phoradin (for-uh-din)

Though they are often mistaken for small giants or over-sized elves, these phoradin are not giant-kin. These creatures have more in common with elves than any other race, though they may not seem it due to their size. These phoradin have lived in harsh environments for millennia. Most commonly spotted deep within the largest forests, other races have dubbed them the Forest Guardians. Many groups of phoradin have been seen elsewhere from the highest peaks of enormous mountains to the depths of the darkest underground caves and even in the distant reaches of forgotten dunes. These are places where the phoradin call home. Their hardy nature allows them to live in such dangerous and inhospitable places, their size gives them an advantage over other creatures, intelligent or otherwise. No one knows for sure if the phoradin were once smaller as a race, but not much is known about them to begin with.

The phoradin keep to themselves in their secluded and difficult to reach homes as has been their culture as long as they have been around. As the world around them grows more populated with many new younger races, stories and tales of the outside world pique the interest of a few brave phoradin who dare venture beyond their isolated homes.