Finding Faena – Session 32

Welcome to the thirty-second session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where the response to the secret society was, “Yes” – Agree to kill “the threat” with a hint of truth. Knowing that the ambassador can sense their source of power, this indicates that the phoradin could possibly direct you to the secret well.

Finding Faena

With a good bit of deception, you respond to Helaptus’ request to kill the phoradin ambassador, “Yes… We’ll deal with the threat.” Looking very pleased Helaptus smiles and claps her hands as she says, “Then it’s resolved! Do this and your great family name will once again be part of our glorious and noble cause here in Esterpus.” She looks to the speaker and nearby assistants demanding, “Return their belongings and see that those worthless beggars are properly detained until the Millham siblings have returned!” She looks back to the both of you, “Please be discreet about this. We wouldn’t want any… unforeseen consequences to come from this.” With that, her smile dissipates and her expression turns serious as she touches the side of her neck with her right hand followed by extending the same hand towards you, palm up, as if offering something as she says, “Mathuul guide you.” She smiles once more as she lowers her hand and turns to walk away.


After the eery gathering of the secret society, you and Nel seek out this phoradin ambassador to see if they can help with finding this strange well this secret society exists around. Now carrying most of your equipment with you as to not have them stolen again, you and Nel make your way to the large city’s management district. “Who is Mathuul? I’ve never heard that name before?” Nel asks. Just as uncertain as she is, you reply, “I’ve never heard the name either. One more possible lead to help us find this mysterious well, if anything.” Nel nods in agreement, clearly eager to delve into more books for answers. Eventually, you and Nel find yourselves near the city’s busy center, surrounded by markets with exotic goods, workshops of all kinds, and all kinds of people of different races from elves to half-orcs. You always heard that the border cities, of the predominantly human-populated region known as Efril, were often far more diverse in both culture and races, though you had never been to a border city to see for yourself.


After some helpful direction from the city guard and various city officials, you and Nel were set to meet the phoradin ambassador briefly. After a few moments of waiting, a city official waves the two of you over and escorts you through a series of hallways which eventually led to a roomy outdoor terrace that overlooked much of the city. The city official politely bows to the ambassador and introduces you before leaving, “The Millham siblings are here to see you.” The phoradin quickly bows as they stand up. The phoradin, standing well over seven feet tall, smiles and says, “Greetings, friends. I am called Faena.” Her large eyes are kind as she greets you and Nel. Her large size somehow doesn’t seem imposing. She has a wide nose and very long ears that stick out from beneath her voluminous hair. With the occasional braided strand and various leaves and flowers scattered throughout, her long hair hangs down around her slender frame to cast a glowing aura-like appearance from the sun’s light behind her. You and Nel greet her in kind.

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