Yes! Getting miniatures back to their original shape is actually quite easy, despite the potential and unfortunate misshaping during packaging and shipping.

WARNING, please read the following before attempting: Attempt this at your own risk. krakenships is not responsible for any injuries to yourself or others or damages to krakenships miniatures or other miniatures via this method. The following method requires being careful and taking the proper safety measures when working with hot or boiling water. When manipulating and transporting any miniature in and out of hot water, use tongs or another method that does not put you in danger of being burned and that does not risk damaging the miniature. When a miniature is dipped into very hot water, it will become malleable and can be unintentionally altered if you are not careful. The hot water can damage the miniature if left for too long, use this method sparingly to avoid damaging or destroying your miniatures.

Having a miniature go back to its proper shape is as simple as dipping the miniature into very hot water for 5-10 seconds and then immediately dipping it into ice cold water for 10-20 seconds. The hot water will allow the miniature to bend back to its proper shape and the cold water will re-harden miniature. If the shape does not reset, you may have to assist the miniature to bending to the desired shape once out of the hot water and then holding it in place for dipping into the ice cold water – be careful when handling the miniature before, during, and after putting in hot water.

See the steps below:

1.) You’ll need the following:

  • Bowl for ice and water.
  • Tongs or something to handle miniature in boiling water.
  • Pot for heating up water.
  • Miniature to reshape.
  • Safe means to heat up water.

2.) Heat up water to near boiling.

3.) Place bent miniature into heated water with tongs or other safe method for 5-10 seconds or until malleable.

4.) Remove miniature from heated water carefully and place into bowl of ice cold water for 10-20 seconds.

You may need to assist the miniature’s shape before or immediately after placing in cold water to achieve the proper shape.

5.) Remove miniature from cold water and check if reshaping has worked properly.

If needed, repeat the above steps one more time to help achieve the proper shape desired. Do not attempt too many times or the miniature may be damaged.