FAQ - krakenships
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Frequently Asked Questions

My miniature is bent and misshaped! Can I fix it?

Yes! Getting miniatures back to their original shape is actually quite easy, despite the potential and unfortunate misshaping during packaging and shipping.

WARNING, please read the following before attempting: Attempt this at your own risk. krakenships is not responsible for any injuries to yourself or others or damages to krakenships miniatures or other miniatures via this method. The following method requires being careful and taking the proper safety measures when working with hot or boiling water. When manipulating and transporting any miniature in and out of hot water, use tongs or another method that does not put you in danger of being burned and that does not risk damaging the miniature. When a miniature is dipped into very hot water, it will become malleable and can be unintentionally altered if you are not careful. The hot water can damage the miniature if left for too long, use this method sparingly to avoid damaging or destroying your miniatures.

Having a miniature go back to it’s proper shape is as simple as dipping the miniature into very hot water for 5-10 seconds and then immediately dipping it into ice cold water for 5-10 seconds. The hot water will allow the miniature to bend back to it’s proper shape and the cold water will re-harden miniature. If the shape does not reset, you may have to assist the miniature to bending to the desired shape once out of the hot water and then holding it in place for dipping into the ice cold water.


What are your return and refund policy?

Reference the Refund Policy section on the Term of Service page for returns and refunds.


What countries does krakenships sell and ship to?

Currently, krakenships only sells and ships to the United States. Once the company has grown, krakenships will begin to ship to other countries. There are currently krakenships products sold in Australia and EU. We’re working to get more countries and locations selling our miniatures. We’re also working on providing worldwide shipping from our site and will be shipping internationally sometime in early to mid 2020. International shipping from krakenships.com will not be shipping friendly, meaning any customs, duties, or VAT will need to be covered by the buyer as per our current plan for international shipping.


I’m interested in becoming a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer of krakenships miniatures.

Excellent! Please contact us via email at [email protected] and we’ll go from there.


Should krakenships miniatures be primed before painting?

Yes, for best results, prime each miniature before painting.


Does krakenships sell painted miniatures?

Currently, krakenships does not sell pre-painted miniatures. We do, however, plan on having pre-painted versions of most or all of our miniatures in the future. Keep in touch by subscribing for upcoming minis and special offers to stay up to date with krakenships!


What size are krakenships miniatures?

krakenships currently has two different miniature sizes, 25mm-scaled and 28mm-scaled. See below for how we determine our miniature sizes and if they will fit with your existing miniature collection.


How does krakenships determine their miniature sizes?

Head on over to our Miniature Scale page for an extensive description of our method on how we scale and size our miniatures. You can also find how to find the height of your own miniatures using our method!


Who does the concept art?

The talented LeksaArt does all of our concept art. We work very closely with her to bring our ideas to life and establish the initial look for each of our minis!


Who does the 3D modeling?

The amazing 3D modeler Kalashnikov 3D brings our concept art into reality. We work very closely with them to get the miniature models prepped for their final miniature form!