Frequently Asked Questions

My miniature is bent and misshaped! Can I fix it?

Yes! Getting miniatures back to their original shape is actually quite easy, despite the potential and unfortunate misshaping during packaging and shipping. Head here to see how.


What are your return and refund policy?

Reference the Refund Policy section on the Term of Service page for returns and refunds.


What countries does krakenships sell and ship to?

Currently, krakenships only sells and ships to the United States. Once the company has grown, krakenships will begin to ship to other countries. There are currently krakenships products sold in Australia and EU. We’re working to get more countries and locations selling our miniatures. We’re also working on providing worldwide shipping from our site and will be shipping internationally sometime in early to mid 2020. International shipping from will not be shipping friendly, meaning any customs, duties, or VAT will need to be covered by the buyer as per our current plan for international shipping.


I’m interested in becoming a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer of krakenships miniatures.

Excellent! Please contact us via email at [email protected] and we’ll go from there.


Should krakenships miniatures be primed before painting?

Yes, for best results, prime each miniature before painting.


Does krakenships sell painted miniatures?

Currently, krakenships does not sell pre-painted miniatures. However, if you are interested in having your miniatures painted, check out Crafters Forge! Crafters Forge is a commissions based miniature painters and is our primary painter we utilize for all of our display miniatures on the site. Crafters Forge also does excellent terrain and base work. You can contact Crafters Forge at [email protected]


What size are krakenships miniatures?

krakenships currently has two different miniature sizes, 25mm-scaled and 28mm-scaled. See below for how we determine our miniature sizes and if they will fit with your existing miniature collection.


How does krakenships determine their miniature sizes?

Head on over to our Miniature Scale page for an extensive description of our method on how we scale and size our miniatures. You can also find how to find the height of your own miniatures using our method!


Who does the actual art and models?

Artist – The talented LeksaArt does the concept art for our current miniatures!

3D Modeler – The amazing Kalashnikov 3D brings our concept art into reality!

Artist – The awesome T-Strider-Art is working with krakenships on some fantastic upcoming mini projects!


Where do krakenships miniatures come from?!

Every sea faring vessel that crossed the legendary Kraken Sea is met with a dreadful fate. These ships are filled with adventurers of all shapes, sizes, & colors. Any survivors of the initial ship cracking are left to fall deep into the depths of the kraken’s domain, frozen by the mere touch of the kraken’s slimy mucus that contaminates the water for miles around, both above and below. These adventurers, in their last efforts to fend off this massive creature’s devastating attack, are forever immortalized as statues as their slow descent into the endless depths begins.


A crafty wizard merchant survived such an attack, one of only a handful to have ever done so! This wizard merchant has since gone back to the outskirts of the kraken’s domain in order to set up several portal-nets far beneath the surface where vessels voyage. Here on the outskirts of the Kraken Sea where the terrifying beast lurks, every passing ship inevitably meets its end. Only a handful of frozen adventurers drift down into these portal-nets. The rest of the mucus-encased adventurers fall into the unimaginably dark and deep fathoms below.


The wizard merchant has since been unable to set these once great adventurers turned statues, but not for lack of trying. As the years pass by, the wizard merchant continues to rescue and preserve these few and rare adventurer statues from an endless abyss, hidden away from the world. Realizing this, the wizard merchant devised a plan to create likenesses of these statues to preserve their memories and heroic efforts.


This is where krakenships miniatures come from!