Faenas Death – Session 36

Welcome to the thirty-sixth session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where you responded to Faena who suggested telling the local officials of this organization, “We’ve already infiltrated this cult-like organization. They’ve asked us to assassinate you, which we have no plans of doing. But we would like your assistance in faking your death! We’ve got a plan!”

Faenas Death

Faena,  standing there with a very perplexed look on her face, finally responds, “You want to… fake… my death?” Faena’s face fills with confusion. “I don’t understand.” You look at Nel who just shrugs unknowingly before you look back to Faena and say, “Yes, if you’d help us go along with it. This way, you’re safe, and this organization thinks that we have succeeded in our terrible task of assassinating you. We wish you no harm. This is merely to help trick these folks so they will no longer see you as a threat and won’t possibly try to have you killed again. Meanwhile, we’ll figure this all out.” You motion to yourself and Nel.


Faena quickly understands and asks if it is similar to how certain animals will feign their own deaths while waiting for their opportunity to escape in which you and Nel inform her that it’s pretty much along those lines. “So, what exactly is your plan for all this then if I’m going to go along with it?”

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