Esterpus’ Evil Presence - Session 34 - krakenships
Faena describes the eerie presence of some evil presence in Esterpus. She explains that this evil presence feels as if it’s muffled somehow.
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Esterpus’ Evil Presence – Session 34

Welcome to the thirty-fourth session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where you ask the phoradin ambassador Faena, “Have you felt or noticed anything strange about this city? Any strange sources of power perhaps?”

Esterpus’ Evil Presence

After thanking Faena for telling you of her people and why she has come to Esterpus, you ask Faena, “Have you felt or noticed anything strange about this city? Any strange sources of power perhaps?” Faena’s warm expression turns to a more serious one as she looks into some unseeable distance as she focuses and quietly replies, “There is something below this city that I can not fully sense…” she looks back to you and Nel, “though the presence is certainly of some terrible evil. It’s hard to sense…like something just out of view that you know if there but can’t see, like hiding in the brush of a thick forest. Why do you ask this? When I first arrived, everyone here seems to have no sense of this presence and discounted it with absolute certainty as if I fabricated it.” She pauses and asks you with a small hint of confusion, “How do you know it?”

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How do you know of this evil presence?
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