Chellon – Shellfolk

Chellon (shell-on)

These shell covered amphibious creatures tend to live the majority of their lives in proximity to water either near coastal regions or marshy swamplands. The Chellon get along with most other races and love to trade for bits and baubles. Their mannerisms and approach to most tasks is to be slow and steady. Chellon see no reason to rush when they do most things as they live very long lives. To them, they have more than enough time to accomplish what needs to be done, so why shouldn’t they take their time? One of the few times a Chellon is surprisingly fast is when they’re required to fight or hunt.

Chellon are excellent companions to befriend as they are very loyal and eager to help others. As most Chellon do not often travel beyond their tribe’s area of influence, they are not well known to the rest of the world beyond stories from adventurers and traveling merchants who trade with them. Luckily, the stories told of the Chellon are often that of positive repute!

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