Before Starting

If you wish to paint the elements separately before assembling, you should do so before applying any adhesive!

The Grimalkin Sorcerer’s clear spell pieces may require reshaping, so be sure to do that before assembling or to make assembling easier – see here.

Before assembling, feel free to place the elements without adhesive to get an idea of how they fit together.

Fire Spell Effect

The first step is to apply a small amount of adhesive to the face up palm of the miniature’s left hand. NOTE: You can place the flame in any direction or mimic the images. Now place the clear flame spell effect gently into the palm and hold in the position you want until the adhesive dries. It may be easier to use tweezers to place and hold the flame in place.

Reshaping Top Lighting Spell Effect

For the image below, the top spell effect has a 90 degree angle near the peg that slots into the top of the sorcerer’s arm. The peg will fit into the arm slot one way, so do not attempt to force it as you may break the miniature or spell effect. This top lightning spell effect can be reshaped by rotating the peg arm just past the 90 degree angle so as to avoid touching the miniature’s arm/hand like example B below. Or you can just leave the top lightning spell effect as it is and gently place the smaller arc to rest on the hand after putting it in the slot as would be similar to example A.


Place the top lighting effect in the arm slot before adding adhesive to get an idea of whether or not you wish to reshape it.

Lighting Spell Effects

To add the lightning spell effect, add a small amount of adhesive to each peg and gently place into the slots on the arm and sleeve. Each lightning spell effect may require you to hold them in place while they dry as to avoid the spell effect shifting or falling.


See the rotating image at the top of this page for the intended placement of the spell effects.

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