Before Assembly

Reshape the Miniature

Before assembling your miniature’s clear pieces, you may need to reshape the miniature itself which can be found on the Bent Miniatures Page. You may also need to reshape the clear piece as they could have been bent or twisted in their package. NOTE: When using the hot and cold water method, please be aware that with these clear pieces, the smaller size and thickness will require a much shorter time being submerged, especially in the hot water, to avoid melting or damaging.

Reshape the Clear Pieces

Using a spoon or some other method to safely submerge the small clear piece into hot water should be done slowly and gently as to avoid losing or destroying the piece. Once the small clear piece has been submerged in the hot water for a few seconds (5-10 seconds at the most) be sure to then wait another 2-3 seconds before touching the piece to reshape to avoid the piece being too hot to handle. Once you get the general shape you’d like while gently reshaping the piece, try and hold the piece in that shape and submerge it into the cold water to allow the piece to harden to that shape. The piece only needs to be submerged in the cold water for around 5 seconds. Be very careful after submerging the piece in the cold water as the piece will be more brittle and could break if you attempt to reshape or move any part of it too fast or forcefully. If the shape is not what you need, repeat this process, but try to limit the process to only 1-3 times as the hot water may damage the piece after too many dunks.