Admission For Two – Session 37

Welcome to the thirty-seventh session of Adventurers Anonymous. If you’re curious what and how it works, head here.

Check out the previous session of Adventurers Anonymous where you decided to fake Faena’s death by, “Stage an ambush while Faena is riding outside of the city, and her companions can bring her “body” back into the city on a litter, and report the attack and her death to the city watch.”

And decided to approach dealing with the cult-like organization by choosing to, “

Admission For Two

“We think it would be best to stage an ambush outside of the city just after you leave. We’ll make it look like bandits or highwaymen did it and some of your companions can find you and bring you to the city watch so they can verify what has happened.” Faena nods and says, “Okay, that sounds good. My companions will take me back to my people once the city watch has seen me and I’ll wait for word from you for when I should return.” You look at Nel as she nods at the plan before you continue speaking. “Sounds like a plan, Faena. Thank you for helping us with this. We’ll get to the bottom of this cult-like organization within Esterpus and once we know what we’re up against or have dealt with them, you will be free to once again become an ambassador for your people with Esterpus – though I’m not certain how that will work if they think you’ve died. One thing at a time, I suppose.”


As you go over the plan with Nel and Faena, several aspects of the plan are gone over to cover as many bases as possible. After a little while, everyone knows what to do and Faena smiles warmly as she politely bows to you and Nel before leaving to make her way out of the city. You and Nel make your way to the staged ambush site outside of town. While making your way there and staging the area to look like a bandit attack, Nel asks you, “So what’s our plan when we head back to those creepy guys?” You and Nel discuss it for a few minutes and finally decide to more or less play it by ear and improvise as needed with the main goal being to determine if this entire vampire thing is even real.


Once Faena and her companions arrive, one of her companions casts a powerful sleeping spell on her to make her look all but dead. They pulled out several dark red berries from a pouch and crush them over a section of her clothing to stain it a dark red to mimic blood. Faena’s companions politely bow to you, having already been filled in on the whole thing by Faena, as they put her on a makeshift litter and take her back to Esterpus to inform the city watch of what has “happened”. You and Nel make your way back into the city and make your way to the strange organization the next day  to inform Helaptus of your assassination of the ambassador. “You’ve returned. We’ve heard that the phoradin ambassador was killed by bandits just outside of the city. Was this your doing?” Heluptus asks. You nod as you reply, “It was us, yes. We’ve taken care of the ambassador for you.” Heluptus smiles wickedly before speaking, “You two have proven yourselves worthy of joining our cause. Another great old family name joins us once more!”


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